02 : E-Junkie Product Set Up

How to Setup a Product

Setting up a product for sale in E-junkie is a fairly straightforward process. From beginning to setup to having your product up and ready for sale should take less than 30 minutes.

Here’s how to setup a product in E-junkie.

Step 1: Go to Add Product

In your “Seller Admin” panel, under “manage products,” click “add product.”

Step 2: Name Your Product

Give your product a name.

Step 3: Choose Your Product Options

Select or deselect the product option boxes.

Here’s what each of these selections means:

Single File Download / Redirection: Upon completion of the purchase, will your customer be given a single file to download, or will they be directed to a thank you page?

Send Stored Codes / Send Generated Codes: Use this if you have a product that needs to be verified by entering a code, serial number or product ID key. If you sell a stored code, you’ll need to enter a series of valid codes into E-Junkie. You can store up to 10,000 codes. On the other hand, you can link E-junkie up to your code generator so that it’ll generate it on the fly whenever an order is completed. To do that, click “Send generated codes.”

Package Files from Other Products: Sell more than one product at once.

Inventory Control: Use this for limited quantity sales.

Sales Tax, VAT: Check if you want to charge buyers tax

Shipping/Buyer’s Address: Check if you want to record the buyer’s shipping address.

Let Buyers Edit Quantity / Price: Check either option if you want to let the buyer choose how many they’re ordering or how much they’re paying.

Variants: Different ways of using one “Buy Now” button to sell different products, have different pricing or display different product information.

Send Transaction Data to URL: Use this if you have your own external tracking system. This option allows you to send all the purchase data using the URL, which can then be pulled by your system and recorded. Leave it unchecked if you’re not using a system that allows you to do this.

Step 4: Set Email Settings

Set what kind of email you want your customer to receive upon completing their order.

Step 5: Click More Options

Click “More Options” to further customize your product. Alternatively, you can just click “Submit” to finish the process.

Step 6: Set Item Expiration Date

Would you like your item to expire after a certain time? If so, set the date and time here.

Step 7: Set External Links

Do you want your product hosted at an external location? If so, setup the download link here, along with any link validity settings.

Step 8: Thank You Page Code

Is there any additional code you’d like to add to your Thank You page? If so, add that code here.

Step 9: Upsell Code

Would you like to upsell another product in your Thank You page? If so, add that code here.

Make sure you create the listing in Admin > Edit Listing before adding the upsell.

Step 10: Inserting the Code Into Your Website

Once you’ve setup all your options, E-junkie will give you your “Add to Cart” button code. Simply copy and paste the code into your HTML.

You’ve now learned how to setup a product in E-junkie, including all of the many available options. E-junkie makes it easy for anyone from the least technically inclined to highly sophisticated techies to sell products and track results.

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