03 : E-Junkie Affiliate System

How to Work With Affiliates

One extremely effective way of getting new customers is to have other people promote your product(s) for a commission. Here’s how to use E-junkie to do that.

Note: You need to setup a product before you can setup the affiliate system.

Step 1: Click Affiliate Program Settings

Under “Manage Your Seller Account” click “Edit Affiliate Program Settings.”

Step 2: Set Global Affiliate Commission

Set the commission rate you want to pay your affiliates. You can also set specific commissions for specific products later.

Step 3: Where to Send Users

Setup where users should end up after they click on the affiliate link. This is on a global basis; you can set specific links for specific products later.

Step 4: Setup Affiliate Information Page

This link points to the information page giving your potential affiliates details about your affiliate program.

Step 5: Affiliate Signup Link

The affiliate signup link is the link you should place on your affiliate information page as well as anywhere else that may be exposed to potential affiliates. Users can sign up for your affiliate program by clicking on this link.

Step 6: Setup Product-Specific Commissions & Links

Now that you’ve setup your program, it’s time to setup product specific settings. Go to “Setup product specific affiliate programs” under “Manage products.”

Click “Edit Affiliate Settings.”

Then setup the product-specific affiliate commission and landing page. If you want to link directly to the shopping cart, check the box below the URL box.

Step 7: Viewing Affiliates

To see who’s sending you traffic, click “View / Edit Affiliates.”

You’ll be taken to a screen showing you all the affiliates you have. You can grab their contact information if you want to make a special deal, you can setup additional commissions or you can delete them from your program.

Step 8: Paying Your Affiliates

E-junkie does not automatically pay your affiliates for you. They’ll track all the sales for you, but you’re responsible for setting your own payment terms and making your own payments.

To see how many sales each affiliates have made, click on “Pay Your Affiliates.”

That’s how to setup your affiliate program. You’ve learned how to setup the global payment percentage and landing pages, as well as product-specific commissions and landing pages. You’ve learned how to view your affiliate, give extra commissions, delete affiliates and pay your affiliates.

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