04 : E-Junkie Using the Autoresponder Feature

Using the Autoresponder Feature

E-junkie makes it very easy to keep your buyers up to date on latest developments, on updates or on promotions through its autoresponder features.

It’s important to note that the autoresponder feature is not free and does not come bundled with your package. That said, E-junkie’s rates are much lower than using a commercial autoresponder service if you have a small list.
Here’s how to use the autoresponder feature.

Step 1: Click “Send Updates / Newsletter”

Under “Manage Buyers,” click “Send Updates / Newsletter.”

Step 2: Select Whether It’s a Newsletter or Update

A newsletter is simply an email message that’s sent using the system. An update on the other hand is sent out with a download link for the new product. In other words, use the “update” feature only if you’re upgrading an old product and want all your old users to be able to download it. Use the newsletter feature if you just want to send everyone an email.

If it’s a product update, select the product you want to update. If it’s a newsletter, just select “Newsletter.”

Step 3: Enter Your Subject and Email Copy

Choose an attention catching subject. Write whatever you want to be included in the body copy. If you’re sending out a product update, the download link will also be included in the email.

Note that to comply with CAN SPAM, an unsubscribe link will be on the bottom of every email.

Step 4: Select Who it Goes Out To

Select who it goes out to. You can select one or more buyer groups.

Step 5: Calculate Costs, Pay and Send

Click on “Calculate Costs” to have E-junkie calculate how much you need to pay to send the newsletter.

The cost structure is based on the amount of people you’re mailing and the size of any files included in the email.

Once you’ve made the payment for the email, your update or newsletter will be sent!

Using the update or newsletter feature, you’ll never be out of touch with your customer base. You’ve now learned how to access the update / newsletter interface, the difference between an update and a newsletter, how to send an update or newsletter and how the costs are determined.

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