04 Using Google Plus Circles for Online Business

Circles are the easy way to organize with whom you communicate. For example, you may want to send your employees a message and your customers an update. You can send the two different messages to the two separate parties quickly and easily without ever leaving Google Plus.

This is what your Circles page looks like below. You can create new circles and designate which circles to which your associates belong.


Let’s say you want to create a Customer Circle and add a new customer, Customer J. Click on the “Circles” button at the top your Google +/+1 homepage. Click “Add a New Person,” and start typing Customer J’s name or email address. Customer J is now added to your account.

Click the “Create a New Circle” button. You will be prompted to name your new circle. Type in, “Customers.” You now have a blue button for customers.

Simply drag Customer J’s small rectangle onto the blue Customer circle. Customer J is now added to this circle.

You may add Customer J to as many circles as you like.

The Power of Circles for Improving Business 

Circles are good for your business because they save you time and streamline your communication. A typical business owner will have the following circles:

• Customers. Put all of your customers in this circle and send them emails about sales, new products, or special events at your business.

• Associates. This circle is for other business people with whom you network.

• Employees. Send important messages to the people who work hard for you.

• Friends. Keep this circle for people with whom you have some personal connection.

• Acquaintances. This is for people you don’t know well, but who are potential customers or business associates.

 Remember how you can check to see how others see your Google +/+1 business profile? You can control which Circles have access to what information you post about yourself on your profile page. For example, you may set it up so that your friends have access to your home address and phone number, but your customers and employees do not. Google respects the privacy of its users, and Google makes it easy for you to control who gets access to what information via Circles.

You may even have a Circle with just one person in it. Perhaps you want a Circle for your business partner. You now have a private way to communicate with that person without ever having to leave Google +/+1. Facebook and Twitter do not allow for such privacy. This privacy and choice of with whom to communicate, however, is exactly what Google Plus Circles accomplishes.

Circles are convenient, easy to use, free, and a time saver. You no longer need to build email lists or switch accounts to communicate with different groups of people. As any business owner knows, if it saves you time, it helps you make money online.

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