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Google Streams of Information 

As you can see in the picture below, streams of information are updated in Google +/+1 in similar ways as they are updated on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, on Google Plus you choose which streams of your information other people see by using Circles as described above.

You also choose what streams of information you want to see and read.

Hit the “Stream” box, as shown below, on your Google +/+1 Profile page.

Notice the rectangle shaped box with the word “Stream” at the top. The list in the box is the list of Circles.


If you want to see what your customers are talking about, then click on the “Customers” Circle in the box under the word “Stream.” If you want to interact with your friends, click on the “Friends” Circle to see your friends’ stream.

In the example above, stream choices are Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following and Writers. As a business owner, you will most likely have Customers, Associates, Employees, and any other categories you would like. Remember, Google respects your privacy. Google +/+1 makes it easy to use your Google Plus account to interact with business associates and friends separately. You don’t need to worry about setting up accounts for friends and family, because customers will never be able to see what you post in your “Friends” stream.

You may post messages that people who have added you to their circles will see. Business partners within a circle have an easy and quick, free and private way to communicate with each other. Only people added to the circle can see the stream.


In the example above, the Google Plus account owner is typing a message into his stream. He is sending it to his family members. They are the only people who will be able to see the message.

As you can see, the account owner has the option of adding more people to the message recipient list. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus has privacy built in. This control and privacy is vital to successful business practices. You may network privately with business associates, send a private message to an employee, and send a public message to your customers all from this one page.

He has the option of including photos, videos and links with his message. He may even choose to include his location via Google, as you can see below.

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