05 Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Pay per Lead Programs:
Get Paid Without Making a Sale

Not every affiliate program requires you to generate sales for the merchant. Pay per lead programs, which pay out every time a referral signs up for something free, are growing in popularity. Companies are willing to pay for leads because it gives them the opportunity to make repeated contact with the potential customer.

Commissions in pay per lead programs are usually a set amount for each action. In most cases it’s a rather small amount since the merchant is not making money directly from it. But if you find a good pay per lead program that converts well, you can get enough conversions to add up to a significant amount of money.

There are several varieties of pay per lead programs. Insurance companies often pay out for each referral that requests a quote. Some companies will pay you to recruit newsletter subscribers. Service providers often set up programs through which they pay affiliates to get people to sign up for free trials. You can also get paid for persuading people to request free stuff, such as product samples, eBooks, and software and information packets.

Pay per lead programs are great, but it’s important to be selective with them. A company could feasibly pay affiliates to get them newsletter subscribers, then spam them or sell their addresses to spammers. Don’t be lax on checking the background of the company just because you’re not asking customers to buy anything. If something bad happens, it will damage their trust in you.

Running Pay per Click Ads: Get Paid for Sending Visitors to a Website

There is another type of affiliate program that allows you to make money without selling anything, and that’s the pay per click program. Many affiliates purchase pay per click (PPC) ads to promote their own websites, and we’ll cover that in more detail later.

Many beginning Internet marketers run pay per click ads such as Google Adsense on their websites. They reason that getting someone to click on a link is easier than getting someone to click on a link and buy something, and that’s certainly true. The tradeoff is (in most cases) a lower payout for clicks than for actual sales. But if you can generate enough clicks, you can get a significant amount of passive income rolling in.

One thing that often trips affiliates up when it comes to running PPC ads is the assumption that they can just place the code on a page and forget about it. Then when they don’t get the results that they’ve heard were possible, they figure it was all some sort of hoax and give up on it. But just like every other aspect of your website, pay per click ads often requires some tweaking and patience in order to get it right.

The first step to success with pay per click ads is making sure that the ones that appear on your site will appeal to your target market. In most cases, the ads are selected by an algorithm that examines your site’s content and displays ads that relate well to it. If you find that you’re frequently getting irrelevant ads, it’s a good idea to examine your content and make sure that it’s properly optimized for your targeted keywords. If you’re just getting ads from certain advertisers that appear to not be going over well with your audience, you can usually block those ads.

Once you’ve got the right kinds of ads showing up, you need to test the ad blocks in various positions on the page. There’s no one spot that’s best for every website, so this is something that it pays to experiment with. Some sites find that ads in the sidebar do best, while others have better luck with them in the header or within the content of the page. You could also try out ad blocks of different sizes to see which ones generate the most clicks.

There are sites out there that generate huge amounts of income using only Google Adsense and other types of PPC ads. But they are also good to use on sites where you promote pay per lead or pay per sale programs. As long as you take care to ensure that your site doesn’t look like one big advertisement, pursuing multiple streams of income can work to your advantage.

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