06 Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Residual Income: Get Paid for the Same Sale
Over and Over Again

With most affiliate programs, you promote a product, and if you make a sale, you get a commission on it. That’s a good thing. But what if you could get paid over and over for the same sale? Wouldn’t that be even better?

This is why many affiliates focus their efforts on programs that offer residual income. When they promote things like web hosting, membership sites and the like, they get a commission each month for as long as the customer keeps the service or remains a member. After they’ve made a few sales, it adds up to a nice monthly income.

Of course, not everyone will be a lifelong customer. But if you’re promoting good products and services to the right people, a great many of them will stick with those products and services for months or years. In a year’s time, you’ll make twelve times more money from the sale as you would have with a one-off sale.

There’s some sort of membership or ongoing service that will appeal to just about any niche. And if you can’t find one for yours, consumables are the next best thing. Vitamins, pet food and other things that we have to buy again when we run out of them offer the potential for regular income if the customers are loyal. But it’s important to seek out high quality products if you plan to go this route. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up making one-time sales anyway.

Adding some programs that offer residual income into your affiliate marketing mix will allow you to earn more money with the same amount of effort. If you need ideas, most affiliate networks offer a search function that will help you find the right products to promote. If not, drop them an email. They are usually happy to help, because their affiliates’ success is their success, too.

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