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Google Sparks 

As a business owner, Google Sparks will do two things for you. First, it will help you find news and websites that are of interest to you and your business associates. Second, it will help people who are interested in what you have to sell find your business.

On your profile page, click on Sparks in the left column and you will see the screen shown below. For this example, we will click the “Recipes” box with the blueberry pie.

google sparks



You may add “Recipes” to your Sparks column by clicking the blue button in the next picture shown below. If you do, Google +/+1 will remember to send you articles and information about recipes. You may do this for any of the numerous categories on Google Sparks.


Notice that underneath each article is the Google +1 button; this gives you the opportunity to recommend to others what you think is high quality. In the below example, 5 people have already recommended the article about Hershey’s.

google sparks


If you own a business, you of course want to be included in Google Plus Sparks so that other people may find you. Think about the power of people recommending your business pages via Google Sparks and Google +1.

If you are a baker, you will want to be in this Sparks Recipes category. There are many Google Plus Sparks categories such as Fashion, Movies and Robotics to name just a few.

How to Be Included in Google Plus Sparks 

Technically, you don’t need to do anything special to make your content available in Sparks. What appears in Sparks is based upon search engine results. As long as your business website is already being crawled by bots and included in search engine results, you will be fine.

The Google +1 button is the newest and most influential element affecting search engine results. For people to find you on the Internet today, you must add this Google +1 button to your website so people can recommend you and so that you show up in Google Plus Sparks. The next article shows you the easy steps to follow to add the Google +1 button to your site.


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