09 Google Plus Button and Google Plus Statistics

Google Plus Button and Google Plus StatisticsĀ 

The Google +1 Button and Google Plus Statistics are the easiest, simplest and most powerful ways to promote your website and Google Plus account, and to keep track of how much traffic you are generating.

The Google +1 button appears everywhere on the Internet today: next to search engine results, on websites, and on advertisements. It allows everyone to vote for and recommend his or her favorite sites and online products. This is similar to the Facebook Like button, but better, because everybody can and does use Google +1. Google +1 is the most convenient way for people to recommend what they like on the Internet.

The Facebook Like button can only be used by signed in, Facebook users. The Google +1 button is superior because it does not require users to visit a separate website to sign in. Google +1 is easier to use and will drive much more traffic to your website than any site that requires users to go elsewhere to sign in first. Google Plus is all about ease and convenience for users. Google Plus is “user-friendly.”

In order to take advantage of the high level of influence of Google +1, type this URL address into your browser window:


The page will look like this:

Google Plus Button and Google Plus Statistics


Design your Google +1 button in the long rectangle in the screenshot above. The preview box will show you exactly what your new button will look like.

Notice where it is underlined: “Copy and past the following code into your site.” The HTML code for your chosen button is in that box. Copy, paste, and get that code on your website so that everybody who visits can give you a vote up and recommend your business to other people on the Internet.

For additional information and to keep track of how you are doing in Google +1, add yourself to Google Plus Statistics to keep track of where you rank in the list of the most popular Google Plus users.

Add yourself to Google +Statistics by following the directions in the box as shown below. Go to your profile page, highlight, and cut and paste your ID#.

google plus statistics


Now that you are included in Google +Statistics, create your statistics widget and install it on your website.

google plus stats

As you can see below, you may choose to sign up for weekly emails from Google Plus Statistics. Do read the Popular posts on a regular basis to keep up with everything in the news and community.

google plus statistics weekly emails

Now, sit back and watch the traffic come in droves to your website as people hit the Google +1 button and recommend you to everyone on the Internet.

Google +1 is easily becoming the most popular and easy to use networking tool on the Internet.

google plus graph

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