10 Google Plus Realtime Search

Google Plus Realtime Search 

Realtime search engine results are important to keep up with breaking news and ongoing business trends.

Google derailed its realtime search in July of 2011 when it was unable to come to agreements with Twitter and Facebook. The good news is that Google Plus will bring back realtime search results. The real time search results will bring up news postings via Google +/+1.

This means Google +/+1 users will be able to stay up to date on breaking news relevant to their businesses.

In addition to giving Google users realtime search results, the Google plus team is working on a Google +/+1 search engine, separate from the Google search engine. This is an exciting development for Google +/+1 users. It will enable them to customize their searches within Google Plus and always get the breaking news in a timely fashion.

Google Plus Realtime Search will help you stay on top off all news relevant to your business.

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