10 Tips for Building Trust and Getting Business

nakedonlineincome.com 10 Tips for Building Trust and Getting Business Your prospects won’t buy from you unless they trust you. Read that again, because fully understanding that deceptively simple sentence is crucial to the bottom line of your business. If you can’t establish trust, you can’t make sales. Period. So, how do you start building trust? Like this: 1. Offer great customer service. Whether you have a prospect contacting you for the first time with a pre-sale question or you have an existing customer needing help, you need to provide prompt, professional service. 2. Start a blog. A blog gives you an opportunity to interact with your prospects and customers. It also gives you an opportunity to show value to your prospective customers. When they see what kind of help you give away for free, they’ll be excited to become a paying customer. Tip: Don’t yet have a blog? Go to WordPress.org and download the free files. Get all 10 tips here… nakedonlineincome.com

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