11 Use Google Chrome Extensions With Google Plus

Use Google Chrome Extensions With Google Plus 

Chrome is Google’s popular Internet browser. If you are not already using it, you should. Not only is Chrome easy to use and free, Chrome offers extensions that work in tune with Google Plus and offer seamless synchronization. Take advantage of these extensions by using Google Chrome as your default browser.

Extended Share 

extension share google plus

Add the Extended Share for Google Plus extension to your Google Chrome web browser.

This extension gives you the ability to continue to promote your pages on Twitter, Digg, Facebook and other networking sites without ever leaving Google Plus. The extension enables you to have the best of both worlds: the power of Google +1 recommendations and the added visibility on other marketing sites.

Remaining visible on many networks will drive your website’s ranking higher and make it easier for people to find you.

Replies and More for Google Plus 

replies and more google plus

This extension makes it easiest for you to keep up with all communications via Google Plus. Replies and More alert you in a non-invasive fashion when you have messages. The badge shows the number of unread messages in your queue.

Replies and More make it easier to reply to authors and to author links. It enables easy recommending via +1 mentions while replying to your messages.

The extension also offers the ability to mute messages of your choice.

All in all, Replies and More streamlines your communication further and gives you easy access to your network. If a customer sends you a message, you will not miss it. Too many sales are lost because the seller did not respond to the buyer on time.


gtools plus

GTools adds the most functionality to Google Plus. It enables you to make your online business and networking experience personal to you. You may change where the chat room sits, change the color of notification buttons or keep the Google bar on top when scrolling.

What may be the best feature of GTools, however, is the ability to add a translation link in the menu, and auto-detect what language a post is written in. This is especially useful for those who do business in more than one language.

GTools helps you create your online “office” to be as comfortable as possible and sets it up to work for you.

Google Plus Photo Zoom 

google plus photo zoom

Google +/+1 has already made uploading and sharing photos and videos faster and easier than before. Chrome offers an extension to make the photo larger for best viewing. One click to enlarge the photo and one click to send it back to a smaller size is all it takes.

Google Plus Surplus 

google plus surplus

Surplus is another Chrome extension for Google +/+1. It gets rid of the need to open up your browser to see your messages. With Google Plus Surplus, you get a small, pop-up window with your associate’s posts and comments in it.

Google Plus Comments Toggle 

google plus comments toggle

With one click of a button, you may show or hide comments to posts in your stream. This is useful when there are many comments after a post and you want to check on later posts. The extension for Chrome gives you an easy way to clear your screen of comments, and then turn them back on when you are ready.

Beautify Google Plus 

beautify google plus


This extension gives the opportunity to personalize your web browsing. Beautify allows you to add some nice features such as positioning the menu bar and the left and right columns. Beautify also gives you the option to have audio notifications, which is missing in Google Plus.

With Beautify you may +1 any website which you browse.

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