12 Tips on Getting More Google +1 Recommendations

Tips on Getting More Google +1 Recommendations 

The more Google +1 recommendations you get, the faster you will rise in Google search engine results and the more people will find your online business. So it makes sense to look for ways to get the most recommendations so that you can start making more money sooner.

Quality Content 

It goes without saying that the best way to earn recommendations from users on the Internet is to offer quality content. A well-designed, easy to use website will get more votes. Make sure the design of your home page is pleasing to the eye, and make navigation bars obvious. Buttons for different pages on your website should be clearly marked and easy to find.

Merchants selling on the Internet will get more votes for selling a useful product at a reasonable rate. Online businessmen who respond to questions in a timely and friendly manner will get more votes. You will earn votes by offering quality.

Associates and People You Know 

Network with your current business associates. You may form a casual agreement that you will visit each other’s sites and recommend them using the Google +1 button. You may also ask friends and family to remember to give you a +1 vote up.

Happy Customers Are Your Best Reviewers 

Anytime you complete a sale, send the customer a message asking for their vote. The best and most efficient way to accomplish this is to include the request in your “sale completed” message.

For example, let’s say you use Google Checkout. Here is what it looks like on a website:

google checkout

Your business website’s Google Checkout basket will probably say, “Complete Purchase” instead of “Support.”

When customers hit that blue button, they complete their purchase on your website. They get an automatic “thank you” message.

Edit that automatic “thank you” message to say, “please give us a Google +1 recommendation if you are happy with our service!” Many happy customers are willing to give you a vote up and recommend you to their friends and families.


Place the Google +1 button on your site next to your other networking and marketing buttons.

Place social networking buttons in strategic places on your website. The left-hand column gets more attention than the right hand column. People have gotten so used to advertisements being on the right-hand column that many website visitors have learned to ignore this section of the page.

Make sure the buttons are placed toward the top of your pages and to the left.

Post the buttons in the same spot on every page of your website.


Write an invitation to vote on your website next to the buttons. For example, “If you like what you see, give us a Google +1 vote up so your friends know to come here, too.”


Fiverr.com is a website in which people advertise what services they will provide in return for $5; this is a very small price to pay for additional Google +1 recommendations that will result in greater income for you.

Type the following into your browser window:


As you can see, fiverr.com has many categories. The above address will take you to fiverr’s social marketing section. Here, people advertise that they will find you connections, make posts, or recommend your site to others. Browse through these offerings to find people who are selling Google +1 recommendations.

For example, a seller may offer to give you 100 Google +1 recommendations for $5. They do this by recommending your site via your Google +1 button as various online identities, and they also partner with others to click on your recommend button.

You must have a PayPal account to purchases services through fiverr.com.

Jobs for 10 

Jobs for 10 is very similar to fiverr.com. On Jobs for 10, people offer to work for $5, $10, $15 or $20.

Simply type into your browser address bar:


This will take you to home page. The Social Networking button is in the left-hand column. If you decide to hire somebody, you will need to register on the site for free. Registration is simple; you only need a name and email address.

Jobs for 10 is a great place to find people to help you get the votes up you need .

Click on the link below to find cheap people who are willing to get 100′s of +1′s.


Fitty Town 

Fitty Town is another website at which you may hire people to help you with social marketing. At Fitty Town, every contract is for $50. It is more expensive than the previous two mentioned here, but people also promise to deliver more votes and followers.

To get to the home page, type into your browser address bar:


The categories are located in the right hand column. There are three that you should click on and look through, Social Marketing, Advertising, and Business. People advertise in all three of these categories that they will help you gain votes and drive traffic to your website.

In order to hire anyone on Fitty Town, you must register with a name and email address. There is no charge for registering.



Google +/+1 is taking over social networking and online marketing industry. Businesses who wish to remain successful in the coming years must join Google +/+1 and use the available tools to drive business to their websites and earn an online income.

As soon as you have a Google account and an invitation to join Google +/+1, you have the best tools available to network, promote your business, and make money doing business online.

Because Google +/+1 gives you the ability to control with whom you share information, it is a great time saver for business owners like you. From one screen, you may dash off messages to employees, business partners, and even your mom. Only the people you want to see each message will see it.

Google Plus gives you time efficiency, privacy, and control.

It is easy to maintain a professional online presence and socialize with friends and family while using Google +/+1. It is easy to see how your profile looks to others, and you may choose which parts of your profile different groups, or circles, of people can see.

Google services are easily synchronized and personalized, so create your comfortable online office by using Google services such as Plus, Chrome, and Gmail. You will never miss another message or announcement.

Remember to place the Google +1 button on your website in strategic places, such as near the top and toward the left. It is best to continue to participate in your other social networking sites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, but to also let everybody know you are now using Google +/+1.

Encourage others to click your Google +1 button to recommend your business on the Internet. As more people click your Google +1 button, your website will rise in the search engines and more people will find you, both through the Google search engine as well as directly on Google Plus.

The more people who find you, the more sales you make and the more money you earn while using Google +/+1.


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