02 How to Sign Up for a Google Account

How to Sign Up for a Google Account 

Google has the easiest, most advanced and most popular way to network with your business associates and clients online. Before you can start enjoying the benefits of Google +/+1, you must sign up for a Google Account.

Do this by going to Google Homepage and typing the following into the address bar:


The page will look like this:



Click on the “Sign In” button as shown above. The account you are about to create is free.



Click on “Create an Account for Free” as shown above. Then, follow these easy instructions:


Use a business email address to open your Google account. You may add personal email addresses to your synchronized Google services later, if you so choose, but right now let’s focus on getting your business set up to be an accessible online presence.

Choose a password that you will remember but that others will not easily guess. It should have both letters and numbers in it. Do not write it down.

Print the user agreement for your records, and then click the button to accept the terms.

Congratulations! You now have a Google account.

To get the maximum benefit for your business through Google, you must request an invitation to Google Plus. Do this right away.

Sign in to your new Google business account. The page will look something like this:


To join Google Plus, you must receive an invitation from somebody who already has a Google Plus account. Ask your business associates, your friends and your family members if they are able to send you an invitation. It does not matter who sends it to you; this will not affect your business.

Google Plus members are given a limited number of invitations to send to interested parties. If you don’t know anybody who has any invitations left to send you, then type this URL into your address bar:


The page will look like this:


Type in your name and your business email address. Then click on the “Submit” button. Google will send you your invitation as soon as they can.

When you receive your Google Plus account, you have access to powerful, free tools with which to maximize your business and attract customers to your website. Remember, people are flocking to Google to use Google Plus. Once you are in, these interested consumers will have easy access to your website and your products.

When you receive your Google +/+1 account, navigate to your Google Account homepage and sign in. This is the page to set up your notifications and sign into Google +/+1. It is advisable for business owners new to Google +/+1 to turn all of the notifications on. You don’t want to miss any messages or announcements while you are getting used to using Google +/+1. After awhile, you may decide which notifications you want immediately and which notification you prefer to turn off.

It is extremely important that you turn on “Google +1″ at the bottom of the page shown below. After making sure this is on, you may click on “Back to Google +” near the top of the page.


“Back to Google +” takes you to your Google +/+1 profile page.

The next articles will focus on how to configure your Google +/+1 account to maximize your online business. The most important thing to you will do is utilize the Google +1 button in order to drive traffic to your website and to make more money with your online business.

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