3 Copy Writing Mistakes

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Just wanted to thank you for bringing Karon Thackston’s copywriting webinar to your tribe this evening!  To be honest, it had been a long day and I was thinking about waiting for the replay, but once it started the quality of the presentation was clear from the beginning and I couldn’t walk away.

Who would have thought a copywrighting webinar could be riveting!  I have heard other presentations on this critical topic and always walked away feeling like I was never going to get a handle on even the basics.

Karon’s presentation was clear, easy to follow and packed full of amazing tips and tricks!  The wire frame alone was a huge help to me.  I can’t wait to learn more from her!Thank you for always bringing quality partners and products to those of us who follow you and place our trust in you.  You have become the standard for how I want to create and manage my business!

Have a blessed evening!

“Excellent webinar with Karon Thackston this evening… exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Good and effective SEO copywriting is something that eludes most of us and our websites and business suffer for it.  Karon has the answers and explains them so clearly.  You will leave the webinar with information you can use to make significant beneficial changes to your website material.  I can hardly wait to get started.” Judy Jackson

“No hypotheticals, an actual real-world case study with proven results. Karon showed exactly how she did it and how she can teach you to do it too, whether you have an existing business in need of resucitation or are venturing into a new endeavor.” Tim Maudlin

Click Here to See More of What Karon Offers.

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