4 Quick Tips for Bigger Affiliate Checks

If you have ever tried affiliate marketing, you know that is can become addictive as you start to earn passive, recurring income online.

It’s amazing to be able to guide someone through one of your referral links and earn a commission when they purchase someone else’s product. The only problem is when you hit a plateau and can’t seem to get past it.

These quick tips will help you earn bigger affiliate checks, so you can get more from your efforts.

Quick Tip#1: Be Picky

With so many affiliate programs on the market today it is extremely important to choose the ones that you promote wisely. Make sure they relate to your website content and are of interest to you and your audience. Nine times out of ten if you aren’t excited by the affiliate program, no one else will be either.

Always check out the affiliate program first. You may want to order the product, too, so that you can use it and even put it into action on a personal level before recommending it to your audience. If after trying it you believe it is something of substance and worth, more than likely so will your target audience. If you can also show your own results, and share both your positive and negative views of the product, your readers will grow to trust you more.

Quick Tip #2: Test Your Positions

Many affiliate marketers set up their webpages with links and never consider them again. It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that a certain program just doesn’t convert well, or that you’ll never be able to earn much money with that program. It might be that just tweaking things a bit can greatly increase your commissions.

For example, if you have only text links on a page you might test a graphic image near the text to see how that converts. People are drawn to pictures (especially of people or a desired result) and a graphic can work wonders. Alternatively, if you only have a graphic image you might want to test text links as well.

Little tweaks can go a long way toward helping you get bigger affiliate checks.

Quick Tip #3: Get More Traffic

There are many people who spend a lot of time writing content for their websites and waiting for the search engines to come find them.

Search Engine Optimization experts find that getting links from other websites is just as important (if not more) as on page factors. What this means is that the links pointing TO your website from others may be more important than the text on your actual site.

If you don’t have very many backlinks to your website you may want to get more. How?

• Article marketing.
• Guest blogging.
• Writing and submitting press releases.
• Podcasting.
• Submitting Videos to video sites.
• Commenting on other blogs
• Blog directories
• Link directories
• Interviews on other sites
• Setting up an affiliate program

This can boost your rankings in the search engines and increase your visitors. By getting more web traffic, you will earn bigger affiliate checks without having to change anything on your page (other than what you are currently testing).

Quick Tip #4: Test Various Programs to See Which Works

It can be extremely disappointing to know that you have chosen a hungry or desperate niche only to find that they aren’t buying as much as you expected. You may need to reevaluate the vendor that you’re promoting. The vendor may not appeal to your audience. Sometimes the sales letter is bad, product feedback and reviews are bad, or the reputation is bad, etc.

You will want to search out a competing vendor that offers a similar product with a better sales page. Before signing up for the affiliate program, review the sales copy to make sure you’re comfortable with their marketing tactics. By making this small change, you can greatly increase your affiliate checks. It’s all about converting your visitors into buyers and if a certain vendor can’t do it, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

You’ll notice that two of these tips have to do with testing and tweaking. It can be tricky turning browsers into buyers, and it’s a two part job between you and the vendor. Figure out the combination that works best, and you will improve your commissions. Be sure to also continue to improve your web traffic. Marketing your website and boosting your rankings by gaining backlinks is definitely the way to go.

With a some effort and patience you’re sure to find a winning combination that will help you get the bigger affiliate checks you deserve.

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