5.5 Reasons You Should Blog

Paul Evans

Earlier this week I gave you 3 reasons when you
shouldn’t blog…

No Value
No Voice
No Visits

Here are 5.5 Reasons You Should Blog…

(5.5 because I am 5.5!)

#1 Clarity

You should blog for YOU.

That’s right. I am not starting with the market.
Blogging lets you dive into your internal
thoughts, ideas, and insights and deliver them

As long as you remain “in your head” you will
never really get clear. You’ll think everything up
there makes sense, but once you get it out and
write it down you’ll discover gaps.

Then you can flesh those out and become crystal
clear. Instead of “thinking” you have a great
concept, you’ll know you do.

#2 Contribution

Once you KNOW you have something valuable to
share… post it.

You have an ethical responsibility to contribute
to the world. That might sound too philosophical,
but think about it. How right or fair is it if you
have something that will help someone else and you
keep it to yourself?

Take your knowledge and experience to the masses.
Share your ideas and insights. Focus on helping

#3 Connection

Your blog gives you the chance to connect with
your readers more publically. Comments provide
feedback and discussion. Facebook likes and
Twitter tweets let your people spread your

(Side note: a big part of connection is growing
your list, so make sure you load your blog with
opt-in opportunities.)

#4 Corrections

This is going to seem a little strange… your blog
can become your greatest personal growth tool.

Your blog documents your beliefs. Your beliefs in
the moment. Those will change over time and you
get the chance to update, shape and add to your
original thoughts.

If you had never published your thoughts, chances
are high you would never have questioned, studied
or grown in them. You would stay exactly where you
are and stagnate. That’s good times had by none.

There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Four years ago
I believed Y. In fact, here’s a post I wrote about
it. I’ve shifted some on that original concept.
Here’s the upgraded version…”

#5 Compensation

You SHOULD get paid for blogging. And this needs
to be ONE of the reasons for your site. Not the
only reason or your content will have an air of

You MUST plan to get paid. You can’t just hope
people will stop by and buy. You have to promote,
and a blog makes it easy to do that without coming
across like a sales creep.

So plan your offers. Make them regularly.
Integrate them within your content. Occasionally
post specific sales pieces.

#5.5 Commitment

Blogging regularly forces commitment. Regular
commitment produces discipline. Discipline
produces habit. Habit produces ease.

The more committed you are the faster and easier
you reach your goal.

You should be blogging and doing it well. Get my
complete step-by-step plan that shows you exactly
what to do every day of the week. It covers
everything from planning content to monetization.

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