AdBrite is an ad network that features many different kinds of ads. Unlike AdSense which only does text and image ads, AdBrite will allow you to put all kinds of ads on your site – From text to in-line ads to full page “click to continue” ads.

Here’s how to use AdBrite to monetize your website.

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

Click on “Create Account” to begin the account creation process.AdBrite-Create-Account

Check the box next to “publisher”. AdBrite-I-am-a-publisher

Fill out the rest of the form to complete the registration process. AdBrite-Complete-the-Form

Step 2: Manage Ad Zones

Once you have an account, you’ll see the main page with all your stats and revenue details. With a new account, everything will be blank.

Click on “Manage Ad Zones” to start the ad creation process. AdBrite-Manage-Ad-Zones

Once you’re in the Manage Ad Zones section, click on “Set up a zone”. AdBrite-Set-Up-a-Zone

Step 3: Select Your Ad Type

There are three main types of ads:

Banner & Text Ads – These are the standard banner and text ads you’d expect to see on any ad network. You can choose between displaying both or displaying text only ads.

Full Page Ads – These ads will appear over the entire website. The user can click “Continue” to exit out of the ad. You can specify when the ad will appear as well as some of the look and feel. Naturally, since the advertiser is getting more exposure, you get more per impression for this type of ad.

Inline Ads – In line ads let you create text that can be hovered over. When it’s hovered over, an advertisement is shown.

Choose which type of ad you want to show on your site. AdBrite-Choose-Ad-Type

Step 4: Setup Your Ad’s Specs

Choose your ad details. Set the size for your ad and the colors. A preview will show you what your ad looks like. AdBrite-Set-Ad-Details

Scroll down to access more options. Choose what kind of ads will show on your site.AdBrite-Set-Ad-Content

Finally, choose what text will appear below your ad.AdBrite-Choose-Text-Under-Ad

Step 5: Create Your Site’s Description

Your site description will tell potential advertisers what your site is all about. You’ll also set your keywords and category so potential advertisers can find you more easily.AdBrite-Set-Description-and-Category

Step 6: Set Ad Rotation (Optional)

If you’re using multiple ad networks at the same time, AdBrite can generate a piece of code that will rotate between networks you’re already using and AdBrite’s ads. As long as your CPM is higher from other networks, it’ll show those ads. On the other hand, if AdBrite’s CPM bid is higher it’ll show AdBrite’s ads. AdBrite-Set-Ad-Rotation

If you aren’t using other networks, then just ignore this section.

Step 7 – Upload Your Ad Code

Copy and paste the code generated to your HTML editor and upload it to your server. AdBrite-Upload-Ad-Code

Step 8 – Tracking Your Ads

There are two main tracking features with AdBrite: Seeing what kind of ads are displaying on your site and seeing your actual stats for your ads.

To see what kind of ads are showing on your site, click on “Review Ads” along the navigation bar. AdBrite-Click-Review-Ads

Then select what kind of ads you want to see.AdBrite-Select-Ad-to-Show

To track your clicks, impressions and earnings, click on “Manage Ad Zones” along the navigation. AdBrite-Manage-Ad-Zones

Your stats will be displayed for each ad on your site.AdBrite-Stats-Display

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to setup an AdBrite account, how to create an ad and how to track your progress.

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