Analyze And Adjust Lesson 13

Analyze And Adjust

The lessons we have discussed so far would already guarantee a substantial volume of visitors for your website. They would also guarantee that, by this time, your website is already indexed in the search engines.

How do you place your website on the very first page of the search engine results?

First things first… you should never rest on your laurels. Building a website does not stop once your pages have been published online. In fact, such should be the beginning of your journey.

Continue submitting articles to the article directories.

Continue publishing entries on your blog.

Forum marketing needs special mention, since every post you make will provide a backlink for your website. Want to know where to find relevant forums for the subject of your site? Use the directories at, and

Find relevant online communities, or forums, and publish as many posts as you can. Make sure that a link to your website is included in your signature box.

Always distribute emails to the subscribers of your mailing list so that they have a reason to come back to your website.

Continue to update your content.
Search engine spiders love regularly updated content.

But bear in mind that you’re not expected to get things right the first time around. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Give yourself some leeway to commit mistakes. Wise men say that we learn through our errors, after all.

But we should not allow them to happen every time.

Mistakes will become fatal if we don’t do anything to correct them. And you can only correct these mistakes if you have pinpointed and analyzed them.

The best way to analyze the performance of your website is by taking advantage of tools that allow you to spy on your visitors. Know where they’re coming from so that you can determine if you’re marketing in the right places. Know how much time they spend on your website so that you can determine if your content is engaging enough for them. Know where they go to after visiting your pages so that you can determine their needs and desires.

Only after a careful study of your website’s statistics will you be able to make the proper adjustments. Whether it’s the content, the presentation, the ad placement, the links positioning, the navigation menu, and the like… you first have to determine what you’re doing wrong before you can improve your website.

Alternatively, you could use the free tool that can be found at or Google Analytics at

It generates a code which you can copy and paste into your HTML file. The stats it will provide are limited to the number of visitors only, however, as well as the number of unique visitors vis-a-vis the number of returning users.

Now, studying and improving on your website should be a continuous process. Once you have attained the highest performance level possible, make it a point to review your stats at least once every two months.

This will ensure that your website always remains competitive and that the handsome income you’re getting from it is sustained.

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