Birthday Week!

Steven (16) called yesterday morning, “Hey dad. I am calling to wish you an official Happy Father’s Day!” Sam (19) sent a text and made a Facebook post, “Happy Fathers’ Day (from Singapore)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!”

Marla and I are on the road, so it was great to get those messages. Father’s Day is special to me. It’s not just that I love my boys and love being their dad. It’s because of my early years.

My father left my mom before I was born. I saw him a little growing up, but he was never really a part of my life.

However, being raised by a single mom was an incredible blessing, and I would not change one aspect. She’s been an awesome mom.

I’m certainly not the only one to be raised without my father being around. Millions of children around the world are orphans because they have neither a mother nor a father.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are 143 million orphans in the world. Let that sink in for a moment. 143 million.
Orphans like Adisen.

His mother and father died, and he was brought to Mtendere Village – an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. Andisen looked like a skeleton. He was barely alive, but he was rescued and brought back to health.

Today he runs around Mtendere like a rocket, and he’s at the top of his class in school.

There are 143 million Andisens on the planet.

You may be sponsoring an orphan right now. You may have adopted. Many of you have worked along side of me to help rescue orphans.

Thank you!

I’d like for us to work together again, here’s how…

This Thursday is my birthday (I turn a very young looking 44), and I would love it if you would join me in rescuing orphans!

I’m working on some “thank you” packages for those who decide to donate. For example… if you donate $44 then we’ll get together for a webinar called “Platform Building: How to Barricade & Brand Your Business Against any Enemy.”

I’ll announce the rest of the packages on Thursday.

IMPORTANT #1: This is not a “sale.” You will be donating to Your gift will be tax deductible.

IMPORTANT #2: 100% of your money goes to the children. I will not get a penny, nor will anyone else. No overhead, expenses, or anything else will be taken out.

I’ll be sending a message about this every day this week. There’s no pressure to give, but if you’re only wanting business training and do not want to hear about the plight of orphans… there’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.

I’ve been physically able help build orphanages in Malawi, Africa; Moldova; Moscow, Russia; Kerala, India; Mandi, India; Cozumel, Mexico; Lima, Peru and in the United States.

You can actually go and meet the children you will be helping in person. (In fact, that will be one of the packages on Thursday. You will travel with me to Malawi, Africa next summer to meet the children of Mtendere Village!)

Be thinking about what you can give. $5? $10? $25? $44? $97? $500? $1000? $10,000? More? No gift is too small or too large. :)

Donation packages run from 12 am CST on Thursday, June 21 until 11:59 pm. I’ll send out a special link.
(Of course you can give any time if you’re not interested in any “extras” for giving…

Talk to you tomorrow.

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