Blog and Ping Lesson 11

Blog And Ping, Blog And Ping

Here’s a pretty powerful strategy that will surely get you indexed in Google and in Yahoo as well, within the next couple of days.

Blogs were originally meant as online journals, or diaries if you will, to serve a variety of social purposes. But Internet marketers have found advertising uses for blogs, and today, they are considered as efficient weapons in getting good search engine position.

This strategy also deals with RSS. RSS is a technology that allows you to send news feeds to certain recipients. The good thing about RSS is that it solves the problem of having to update your content regularly. Coupled with blogs, we have a powerful combo that will position you well in the search engine game.

Do the following, step-by-step:

1. Prepare 10 mini-articles. They should be informative and unique and they should be relevant to the subject your main website is servicing. A minimum of 150 words per mini-article would suffice. Each mini-article should target a particular keyword as well.

2. Create an account at

3. Create a blog that is relevant to your main website. If your main website is about “cheap computers,” for example, your blog could be named .

4. Now post 5 of your mini-articles.

5. Create a Yahoo account.

6. Sign in and go to

7. Proceed with and add the RSS of your blog.

8. Go to

9. Type in the answers for the appropriate fields.

10. Click on “Submit Ping.” This would inform the blog directories that your blog has a new entry. And more importantly, this would inform the search engine spiders that your blog has updated its content and that they should crawl through its pages soon.

11. Make sure that your blog contains direct links to your main website. Do this for every entry. Also, add a permanent link on your blog’s navigation menu.

12. Now, for the coming days, always publish an entry. Every time you do this, use the tool at

This will ensure that your blog will always be on top of the search engine spiders’ list. It has better chances of getting indexed first, compared to your main website. But once it gets indexed, it will carry your main website with it.

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