Bloggers: Here’s What You Do…
Paul Evans

Bloggers… here’s what you do…

On Monday I sent an article about “7 Ways to Write Great Blog

Which brought in the same question over and over again…

“Is blogging still valid.”

In yesterday’s video I answered that question with…

NO: if you have no value, no voice and no visits.

YES: if you have a plan for your blog.

That plan needs to be based in your…




Why is a plan so important?

Well, it’s like Dave Ramsey says about budgeting, “A budget tells
your money what to do and where to go.”

You have to tell your blog what to do. You have to control the
results of your blog.

Here’s what you do…

#1 Sit down and put the days of the week on a sheet of paper.

#2 On each day of the week put down ONE of these… Content, Traffic,

#3 Underneath each of those write down what you will do to make
that happen.

Ex: Monetization – find 2 affiliate products, get graphics, post
them in the side bar and relevant posts.

That’s it. Be detailed. Be committed. Be consistent.

Now then, maybe you want help with a specific plan. I’ve got a
blogging plan that will show you what to do every single day of the
week. I’ll email you details about it tomorrow. If I were you I’d
use those 3 steps above right now.

Success is NOT an Accident!


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