Brain Sales!

Yesterday I billed a local company for $10,250. The “job” took a few hours.

It had NOTHING to do with internet marketing. Nothing to do with websites. Nothing to do with speaking or presenting. Nothing to do with consulting.

The reason I am able to do that is… everything is for sale.

Any skill, talent or thought is available for purchase. If I feel confident about delivering value, I put a price tag on it. Usually, a high one by most standards.

When people ask for an estimate of one of my services, I answer, “Somewhere in the neighborhood of A LOT! You can hire a dozen people to do what I do. The difference is… I will do it better and faster. You pay me for speed. If you’ve got six months save the money and get someone else. If you want it this week, hire me and pay a premium. It will be DONE and off your plate.”

Years ago, I put this simple process of selling everything in a report that I never released. It’s called Brain Sales.

It’s 100% unedited. It’s 100% free.

The formula in the report is…

Mass Inventory + Market + Mode = Money

Download it for free right now:

Click Here to Download

Success is NOT an Accident,


P.S. You’re probably wanting to know what I did for that $10K. Not telling. Here’s why…

If you can do the same thing, you’ll think…. “Oh… that’s what I need to do.”

If you can’t, you’ll think, “Sure that works for Paul, but I do not have that skill.”

This concept of selling everything has NOTHING to do with me, and everything to do with you.

Use Brain Sales to make your own list. Create your own personal offers. And as you have conversations with family, friends, co-workers, business owners, etc. – listen for opportunity.

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