Google AdSense

By becoming a publisher on Google AdSense, you make your website available to the largest pool of advertisers on the planet. Google will gather data on your website and contextually display advertisements from a pool of thousands of possible advertisers. To sign up for Google AdSense, follow these steps. Step 1: Preparing to Register  In [...]


Chitika is a contextual advertising network. It allows publishers to place ad units on their websites, where both image and text ads will be shown, sometimes at the same time. Because Chitika often uses images next to text ads on the same page, click through rates and therefore earnings can sometimes be even higher than [...]


AdBrite is an ad network that features many different kinds of ads. Unlike AdSense which only does text and image ads, AdBrite will allow you to put all kinds of ads on your site – From text to in-line ads to full page “click to continue” ads. Here’s how to use AdBrite to monetize your [...]

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