Clickbank Signup: How to Read Reports 04

There are three primary reports you should familiarize yourself with as a Clickbank affiliate: Paychecks, Transactions and Analytics. Paychecks – This gives you information on when you were paid, how much you were paid and any balance Clickbank owes you. Transaction – This gives you information on when people bought from you. Analytics – This [...]

Clickbank Signup: Finding Products 03

Finding Products and Creating Links The first step towards making your first few sales is to find 1-3 great products to promote and generate affiliate links for those products. Step 1: Go to the Marketplace At the navigation bar, click “Marketplace” to go to the listings of affiliate programs you can promote.   Step 2: [...]

Clickbank Signup : Setting Up Payment 02

One of the first things you should do once you get your Clickbank account is to setup your payment. If your payment details aren’t setup properly, you simply won’t get paid. Step 1: Signing In One thing that often confuses first time Clickbank users is their password. Since you didn’t choose a password during your [...]

Clickbank Signup: As a Affiliate 01

As a Clickbank affiliate, you can send traffic to other people’s products and get paid a commission. You don’t need to manage support, customers, websites or products; all you need to do is generate sales. In general, you can expect to be paid anywhere between 40% to 75% of the product’s sales price, minus refunds. [...]

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