WordPress Optimization – Part 1

Pretty Link Pro Don’t want awkward or long links on your website? Using affiliate links and don’t want a dozen strange characters in the URL? Pretty Link Pro allows you to get around the issue. The plugin can be purchased and downloaded at: http://prettylinkpro.com/ Pretty Link Pro lets you change any link to a short [...]

7 Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog

7 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog Initially, finding high-quality content for your blog and then getting people to see that content is the most important thing you can do with your time. However, as your blog evolves and your readership grows, you have to put some time into monetizing the blog correctly. Otherwise, [...]

Adding Links in WordPress Footer

How to add links and text in the WordPress theme footer…

Remove the Border from an Image in WordPress

Some images in WordPress have a light grey border around them. Here’s how to get rid of it. More WordPress Tutorials

Add a Border Between Content and Sidebar

How to add a border between the content section and the sidebar in WordPress… Get Your Blogging Blueprint Here

WordPress SEO

Introduction- What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name given to the practice of optimizing your web content for search engine friendly results. The process of SEO is about maximizing a website’s ‘organic’ footprint on the major search engines. Currently, the big players in the search engine (SE) market are Google and Yahoo!/Bing. [...]

Comment Bubble Removal in WordPress

How to remove the comment bubble in WordPress.

Showcase Sidebar on the Right

Moving the showcase sidebar from left to right.

Blend Menu Into Header Image

Adding a Banner to the Header in WP

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How to Move Search Box Into Menu Bar

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