More Profit Prostitutes

I just watched a video where a guy was selling his information publishing system. Just for trying his system you get for $1 what others paid $1,191 for. Either that’s a lie or he just cheated all his previous customers. This is just more of the sorry gamesmanship played online to make a buck. Literally [...]

Profit Prostitutes

This might not bother everyone, but I think it’s a problem. Big Time Promoter has a launch. Sells his “life changer” for $997. No problem so far, but I’ve seen two things happen over and over again. The Bonus Sellout Mr. Big Time has a buddy that has a launch. In order to make as [...]

Stupid Email Tricks

Here’s the subject line of a recent email… Support sounds like something real and important Urgent sounds like something critical Hope you got this in time sounds like something bad might happen. But here’s the message… When you see words in an email like… Urgent… Must See… Could really change your life… Before it’s too [...]

Exit Discounting

Here’s yet another unethical practice among “marketers.” Exit discounting. You’re at a site and you’re thinking about buying. Maybe later. So you click the back or enter a new address or attempt to close your browser. You’re met with a message… (In this case the product owner is a bad spella!) He/She meant $10 discount! [...]

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