Celebrate Independence

I did a short audio for David Perdew’s Celebrate Independence, just click the image below to listen…

Rep. Allen West on The Real America

Rep. Allen West speaks to his constituents about the liberal message that has been permeating the country for the past few years. He’s firing up the people of Florida with a message of his own. It’s a message that American may remember. It’s NOT about the dialogue that the current administration has been shoving down [...]

Another Reason To Be Personally Responsible & Independent

Whether you watch Glenn Beck or not; whether you like him or not; this is a very important video. Watch this video with an open mind. You will discover WHY you should NOT depend on a bank. WHY you should NOT depend on a gov’t. WHY you should NOT depend on any kind of organization [...]

Socialism Illustrated

  You know… we look at this and smile… maybe even snicker a little. But if you were to think back over the past couple of years, this is exactly what’s been going on. We have NOT done anything legislatively or administratively that has a shred of Capitalism to it. Banks have been bailed out [...]

Are You ALREADY Rich?

Where are you among the richest in the world? Find out how rich you really are. That little calculator is pretty eye-opening. Especially for Americans.

Declaration of Independence

At one time, our Founding Fathers declared Independence for the future of our country. They did this so we could live free to “pursue happiness”. Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your business? Do you feel there is more to this life than you are experiencing now? Maybe it’s time to [...]

Make Money Online – Capitalism

Using this video to help explain how capitalism is the best economic model to help the poor while making money

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