The Best Source of Traffic?

I’ve talked about how I like paid traffic over other traffic options that I’ve tried. The reasons are simple. 1. You control it. 2. It’s targeted traffic. 3. Because it’s targeted, the conversions to sales are better. There are many ways to get paid traffic though. What should you go with? Solo Ads? Media Buys? [...]

Google Adwords Part 4 How to Add and Split Test Ads

How to Add and Split Test Ads Step 1: Select the “Ads” Tab Switch over to the Ads tab to start adding ads. Step 2: Click “Add Text Ad” Click “Add Text Ad” to add a text ad. For search, text ads are the only option. For display advertising, you can use image ads as [...]

Google Adwords 03

How to Add Keywords and Select Match Types Your keywords are the mainstay of your campaign. They will make or break your business.  Learning to quickly and efficiently add and edit your keywords will allow you to make the changes you need to see results, fast. Here are the steps to adding keywords to your [...]

Google Adwords 02

How to Create an Ad Group Your Ad Groups are the primary way to group keywords with the ads they’ll be displaying. Step 1: Go to the Ad Group Tab Switch to the Ad Group tab on the top to access the Ad Group interface. Step 2: Select Add Ad Group Select “Add Ad Group” [...]

Google Adwords 01

How to Create a Campaign in AdWords Editor Using AdWords Editor instead of the online interface for Google Adwords will speed up everything in your online business. AdWords Editor gives you the upper hand in speed and power. You can download AdWords Editor here: Once you have AdWords Editor, the first step is to [...]

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