Make Money Online with Webinars 03

Promote to Prospects Now that we have all the technical details out of the way, it’s time to focus on the organization, content and promotion of your webinar. In this section, you’ll discover: How to promote the call itself. How to promote your offers from within the call. Let’s jump right in… How to Promote [...]

Make Money Online with Webinars 02

Prepare Your Presenters You don’t need to be a member of your local Toastmasters speaking group, nor do you need to turn in an award-winning presentation in order to make a bundle of money with your webinar. Nor will listeners hold it against you if they experience the stray sounds of a dog barking or [...]

Make Money Online with Webinars 01

Introduction Welcome to the “How to Create a Webinar to Promote Your Offer” report! Now before we jump into this amazingly profitable information, let me stop for a moment and define webinar…   DEFINED: “Webinar”   “Webinar” is a web seminar that allows multiple people in remote locations to view and listen-in on a web [...]

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