Micro Niches

Introduction With the economy stuck, (a nosedive is not permanent!), online business owners must come up with new ways to generate an income for their particular niches. The World Wide Web gives an immense opportunity for hopefuls to do just that. This is where micro niche marketing comes in. This particular type of marketing has [...]

Replicate Lesson 14

By now, you should be getting some AdSense clicks. The goal is to increase the number of your visitors so that you’ll have better chances of securing more clicks, which would mean more income for your online endeavor. Let’s have a checklist of the things that you have to do: Continue writing and submitting articles [...]

Analyze And Adjust Lesson 13

Analyze And Adjust The lessons we have discussed so far would already guarantee a substantial volume of visitors for your website. They would also guarantee that, by this time, your website is already indexed in the search engines. How do you place your website on the very first page of the search engine results? First [...]

Follow-Up System Lesson 12

A Follow-Up System The new visitors you are sure to generate for your website are called “unique visitors.” Gaining unique visitors at a substantial pace is well and good, but for sustainable success, you should not rely on new visitors alone. And you don’t have to lose old ones. You must give your visitors a [...]

Blog and Ping Lesson 11

Blog And Ping, Blog And Ping Here’s a pretty powerful strategy that will surely get you indexed in Google and in Yahoo as well, within the next couple of days. Blogs were originally meant as online journals, or diaries if you will, to serve a variety of social purposes. But Internet marketers have found advertising [...]

Going Live Lesson 10

Going Live And Announcing It With A Bang! By now, you should be ready to go live, that is, to publish your website for the World Wide Web to witness. Publishing your website can be complicated, depending on which method you choose. This is the reason why I earlier recommended a web hosting service that [...]

Monetizing Your Site Lesson 9

Monetizing Your Website Now that the bulk of your website is finished, it’s time to monetize it. AdSense is just one of many ways by which you can earn from your pages. There are other options that you can pursue and we will discuss them one by one. Let’s start with the most popular choice, [...]

Polishing Your Website Lesson 8

Polishing Up Your Website By now, you should have your content ready… yes, this means all 50 articles! Integrating your content into your website will depend on what HTML editor or web creation software you have decided to use. All of them will make it easy for you to do this, but WordPress is notable [...]

Preparing Your Content Lesson 7

Days Seven To Sixteen: Preparing Your Content As is apparent with the title of this section, we are allotting ten days for the preparation of your content. We have a good reason for this. Your website’s content is everything! They say that content is king and rightfully so. If information is the fuel for the [...]

Meta-Tags Lesson 6

Meta-Tags Even if you just have a bare website right now, devoid of any text content, you could spend this day optimizing your pages for the search engines. By now, you should already have a domain name that contains your primary keyword. That’s a good start, and it will instantly give you a boost, no [...]

Creating A Website Lesson 5

Creating A Website for Online Business A niche website basically has three important components: 1. A header 2. AdSense placements 3. Content Of these components, content is the most vital. We will discuss this tomorrow. For today, we will deal with basic niche website layout and design, so that all that is needed to be [...]

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