Make Money Online with Webinars 03

Promote to Prospects Now that we have all the technical details out of the way, it’s time to focus on the organization, content and promotion of your webinar. In this section, you’ll discover: How to promote the call itself. How to promote your offers from within the call. Let’s jump right in… How to Promote [...]

Make Money Online with Webinars 02

Prepare Your Presenters You don’t need to be a member of your local Toastmasters speaking group, nor do you need to turn in an award-winning presentation in order to make a bundle of money with your webinar. Nor will listeners hold it against you if they experience the stray sounds of a dog barking or [...]

Make Money Online with Webinars 01

Introduction Welcome to the “How to Create a Webinar to Promote Your Offer” report! Now before we jump into this amazingly profitable information, let me stop for a moment and define webinar…   DEFINED: “Webinar”   “Webinar” is a web seminar that allows multiple people in remote locations to view and listen-in on a web [...]

Webinar Best Practices

Having an online event isn’t really much different from having an in person event. Each has concerns about technology, and a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that the event is successful. Don’t assume that just because your event is virtual that there is less planning involved in terms of presentations and the information [...]

Webinars: 12 Ways to Market

Twelve Ways to Market Your Virtual Event Even before you’ve chosen a topic, guest speakers, JV partners, and the technology you will use for your virtual event, you know that you’re going to have to market it. You can do a lot of marketing and planning simultaneously, these are listed in no particular order, but [...]

Webinar Steps for Beginners

Planning a perfect online virtual event takes a lot of effort, you have to choose the right technology, the right message, and market your event effectively to ensure success. This takes organized and proficient preparation. During the planning process you must make many decisions about things such as: Choosing a Platform — There are several [...]

Webinar Email Marketing

When you email your list about your virtual event you want them to open it so that they can read about your awesome event, get excited about it, and sign up. Now! But, it can be difficult to get people to open email today. There is so much spam and so much information that is [...]

Driving Your Target Market To Your Webinar

Driving Your Target Market To Your Webinar When you have put a lot of effort into planning a virtual event you want to make sure that people show up, but you don’t just want anyone at your virtual event, you want your target audience to show up at your virtual event. Marketing your virtual event [...]

Webinar Assistants

If you have a lot of great information and content that you’d like to turn into a virtual event, but you’ve never had a virtual event before it is a good idea to hire someone who is an expert. Usually an expert will already have access to the technology you need, plus a lot of [...]

Pre-Webinar Checklist

Knowing what to do before your virtual event will help to make the big day very profitable and successful. The planning process is crucial to having a great, successful, low-stress event. During the planning process aside from knowing your content, the message and your audience, it is important to recognize ways to be prepared. If [...]

Webinar Profits

Believe it or not there are many ways to make money from a virtual event. Sometimes the money you make is after the event happens, and sometimes during, and many times it is a combination of factors that enable you to earn money from having virtual events. Sponsorships — Selling sponsorships is a great way [...]

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