04 : E-Junkie Using the Autoresponder Feature

Using the Autoresponder Feature E-junkie makes it very easy to keep your buyers up to date on latest developments, on updates or on promotions through its autoresponder features. It’s important to note that the autoresponder feature is not free and does not come bundled with your package. That said, E-junkie’s rates are much lower than [...]

03 : E-Junkie Affiliate System

How to Work With Affiliates One extremely effective way of getting new customers is to have other people promote your product(s) for a commission. Here’s how to use E-junkie to do that. Note: You need to setup a product before you can setup the affiliate system. Step 1: Click Affiliate Program Settings Under “Manage Your [...]

02 : E-Junkie Product Set Up

How to Setup a Product Setting up a product for sale in E-junkie is a fairly straightforward process. From beginning to setup to having your product up and ready for sale should take less than 30 minutes. Here’s how to setup a product in E-junkie. Step 1: Go to Add Product In your “Seller Admin” [...]

01 : E-Junkie Registration

Registering to Sell Your Products with E-Junkie E-junkie is an online product delivery system that can greatly simplify a lot of the steps needed to run an online store. You can use E-junkie to sell both physical and digital products; though many of its real strengths come into play particularly with digital products. Let’s take [...]

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