15 Minute Write More Challenge

I. Do. Not. Like. Writing. Never have. I like talking. But the ear is forgiving, while the eyes aren’t. If you’ve ever had a transcript done of a recording it’s hard to believe how many “non-words” you use, right? It’s tough to read because we all leave gaps in our conversations that the listener’s mind [...]

Income DNA

Hope you are having a GREAT Saturday!!! No burgers today as I’m working toward the goal of losing 15 pounds in one month. There’s a very simple reason I am able to do this without risk. You’ll “get it” as part of… 01:: Income DNA Download it here… Income DNA Download Post some comments and [...]

How to Monetize Your Blog with Email

Make money with your blog…

Another Reason To Be Personally Responsible & Independent

Whether you watch Glenn Beck or not; whether you like him or not; this is a very important video. Watch this video with an open mind. You will discover WHY you should NOT depend on a bank. WHY you should NOT depend on a gov’t. WHY you should NOT depend on any kind of organization [...]

4 Quick Tips for Starting a Membership Site

Internet marketers strive to achieve the holy grail – a recurring stream of income. What this means is that they try to offer products and services where their customers pay month after month rather than a one-time payment or fee. Some examples of a recurring payment that you may have experienced from the customer-side of [...]

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