Refund Mentality

Today we finished a week of fun work. Wednesday and Thursday were spent with the Big Game Plan Players . There are few things that get me more pumped than to see people set a target, plan it, do it and make it. This is a group action takers. I could not be more proud [...]

7 Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog

7 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog Initially, finding high-quality content for your blog and then getting people to see that content is the most important thing you can do with your time. However, as your blog evolves and your readership grows, you have to put some time into monetizing the blog correctly. Otherwise, [...]

Income DNA

Hope you are having a GREAT Saturday!!! No burgers today as I’m working toward the goal of losing 15 pounds in one month. There’s a very simple reason I am able to do this without risk. You’ll “get it” as part of… 01:: Income DNA Download it here… Income DNA Download Post some comments and [...]

Brain Sales!

Yesterday I billed a local company for $10,250. The “job” took a few hours. It had NOTHING to do with internet marketing. Nothing to do with websites. Nothing to do with speaking or presenting. Nothing to do with consulting. The reason I am able to do that is… everything is for sale. Any skill, talent [...]

Three Goals

Do you ever feel like giving up? Feel like packing it in? Jeanette sent in this “testimonial.” Read it and then I’ve got some ideas to rev you up… Hi Paul, Has anyone told you, you are awesome today?  Well, consider being told right now. You are my HERO!!!  Let me just tell you why [...]

Clickbank Hybrid Linking

Watch the Video Then Leave a Comment or a Question   Click Here to Watch the Adobe Connect Version Standard Hop Link: Standard Checkout Link Hybrid Link:   Success is NOT an Accident Paul

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