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100 Day Challenge

Nicheology Profit Letter by Paul Evans =========================================== Consider the implication of this idea… What would happen if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the first 100 days of 2013 while you went for your goals? I bet 3 things would happen…. 1) You [...]

Michael Nix

He’s 61. Just getting started online and super pumped. Here’s why he’s doing it… My purpose for the “M2G” course is to fund  a ministry called “Ray of Hope Ministries”, which will help families in immediate need with power bills, auto repair, food, etc. Also, there will be a provision for helping low income families [...]

Income DNA

Hope you are having a GREAT Saturday!!! No burgers today as I’m working toward the goal of losing 15 pounds in one month. There’s a very simple reason I am able to do this without risk. You’ll “get it” as part of… 01:: Income DNA Download it here… Income DNA Download Post some comments and [...]

Three Goals

Do you ever feel like giving up? Feel like packing it in? Jeanette sent in this “testimonial.” Read it and then I’ve got some ideas to rev you up… Hi Paul, Has anyone told you, you are awesome today?  Well, consider being told right now. You are my HERO!!!  Let me just tell you why [...]

More Advantages

More Advantages… As you know, I think all the talk about starting an internet business so you can be selfish and stock up on toys is a load of crap. It’s poor motivation that doesn’t last. Those are just triggers used by base-level marketers to get you to believe their products produce yachts, mansions and [...]

Another Reason To Be Personally Responsible & Independent

Whether you watch Glenn Beck or not; whether you like him or not; this is a very important video. Watch this video with an open mind. You will discover WHY you should NOT depend on a bank. WHY you should NOT depend on a gov’t. WHY you should NOT depend on any kind of organization [...]

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