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How to Record Great Audio

“Paul, how do you get such great sound on your podcasts and videos?” First, it’s the sweet comfort of my southern baritone. (For some reason everyone doesn’t want to speak with a drawl. And some of the ladies don’t want a deep voice. Go figure!) Second, I use the Yeti, from Blue Mic. Third, I [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 4 of 4

PowerPoint Timings, Narration & Publishing This demonstration was made with PowerPoint 2010 which has the ability to publish a presentation as a movie file. This allows anyone to view it whether they have PowerPoint or not. Before we publish our presentation, we first want to set the slide timing and add some narration to it. [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 3 of 4

Insert Media into Presentation Slides Adding media to your PowerPoint presentations can give them a more sophisticated style. It will capture the viewer’s attention and help drive home your message. You will need: PowerPoint presentation in the works Images, videos, etc to insert Step 1: Insert Pictures There are two ways to insert media into [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 2 of 4

Create PowerPoint Slides Video presentations continue to grow in popularity. From marketing businesses to keeping in touch with family and friends, everyone is using it. One of the easiest ways to create presentations is with PowerPoint. This demonstration was made with PowerPoint 2010. You will need: PowerPoint Installed An outline of your presentation text   [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 1 of 4

Add Animation to PowerPoint Presentation To keep your audiences interest, you can add animation to your presentation to catch their eye. There are many options for animating text and images. This demonstration will walk you through the basics. You will need: PowerPoint A presentation previously started Step 1: Animate Images If you’d like an image [...]

Private Label Rights Success

What Is PLR: The Basics To the uninitiated, “PLR” sounds like an airline or a record label. But instead of just being another common internet abbreviation, it’s one of the most valuable shortcuts an entrepreneur will find to creating fantastic content for their audience. What is it exactly? In it’s simplest version, you can purchase [...]

How to Make Money with Kindle Part 1

Formatting Your Book Once you have your book written, the first step in the publishing process is to format your book There are a number of different ways you can format your book for Kindle publishing. However, the method that’s recommended by Amazon is to use Microsoft Word’s .DOC format to build the book and [...]

How to Make Money with Kindle Part 4

Sales Reports and Getting Paid Getting your sales reports and setting up your payment systems are two important basic fundamentals of being a Kindle seller. Let’s walk through the details of how to use both systems. Generating Sales Reports To track your Kindle book’s sales progress, click “Reports” along the top tab of your Kindle [...]

How to Make Money with Kindle Part 3

Selling Your Book Once your book is up on the Kindle store, how do you actually start to make sales? At the end of the day, the quality of your book is what will determine whether or not it takes off. However, in order for your book to even stand a chance, you need to [...]

How to Make Money with Kindle Part 2

Uploading Your Book Once you’ve formatted your book in a Kindle compatible format, it’s time to upload your book. In order to do so, you need to provide Amazon with quite a lot of detail. Here’s a step by step walkthrough of the book upload process. Step One: Access the Upload Page The first step [...]

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