WordPress SEO

Introduction- What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name given to the practice of optimizing your web content for search engine friendly results. The process of SEO is about maximizing a website’s ‘organic’ footprint on the major search engines. Currently, the big players in the search engine (SE) market are Google and Yahoo!/Bing. [...]

Using Market Samurai To Beat Your Competition

If you want to make money online by beating your competition in the search engines, using Market Samurai to find your competition’s weaknesses is a great way to clinch your advantage. Check out how you can literally see your competition’s link structure. Use it to know how to better your efforts and better your competitors. [...]

Press Release Distribution Checklist

Press Release Distribution & Publication Checklist You’ve put together the perfect press release. Now what do you do with it? This handy checklist will help ensure you make the most of your story. Publish the release on your website. Create a “Media” section of your website and ensure you post all your press releases. Make [...]

Press Release Template

<INSERT COMPANY LOGO>   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Person’s Full Name Company Name Mailing Address Phone Number Email Address Precise Website Address / URL for More Information Attention Getting Headline Here – Include a Benefit for the Reader City, Town, Date – Summary that draws the reader in to learn more. Make sure you address [...]

Press Release Instructions

Press Release Instruction A well-formatted press release has 7 main components. These instructions will help you put together a useful press release for the media. #1 – Company Logo Add a little branding and a polished image with a small logo at the top of your press release. #2 – Press Release Validity “For Immediate [...]

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