Social Bookmarking Benefits With FriendFeed – Part 4

FriendFeed is a social network that aggregates contacts from all your other networks. It can automatically search your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts for other people who have FriendFeed accounts. Unfortunately, after being acquired by Facebook in 2009, FriendFeed has more or less stopped being updated and no longer has its feed aggregating capabilities. [...]

Social Bookmarking Benefits With Digg – Part 3

Digg is a social bookmarking website that relies on users to vote for the best news stories. Unlike Reddit, Digg’s orientation tends to be much more news-based. Users tend to like finding out things that they didn’t know before. All of Digg’s posts link to outside websites, unlike Reddit’s where a good portion comes from [...]

Social Bookmarking Benefits with Delicious – Part 2

Delicious was one of the first social bookmarking websites to hit the internet. When it first started, its function was quite literally “social bookmarking.” People bookmarked their websites using delicious and those bookmarks could be shared with friends. People could find other bookmarks that they liked through seeing what sites people they knew bookmarked. Today, [...]

Social Bookmarking Benefits With Reddit – Part 1

Reddit is a social bookmarking website that uses an upvote / downvote system to rank images, videos and web pages. The majority of Reddit content focuses around funny images, memes and videos. However, Reddit also has a very strong culture around news, politics and people helping one another out. Unlike most other social bookmarking sites, [...]

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