Twitter Basics

As you  know, Twitter is a social networking website where users post “tweets” (essentially a short message or ‘status update’) about what they are doing at a particular point in time. A “tweet” can only be up to 140 characters in length, so the messages are very short – ie. It is micro-blogging, rather than [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 4

8 Pinterest Marketing Ideas Whether you’re promoting awareness of a certain cause, want more traffic to your blog or are promoting your business, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to get your message out there through the use of images. Another great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need have to have a lot of [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 3

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest Part of the fun of Pinterest, is inviting and finding the friends you already know and finding new people with similar interests as well. This tutorial will show you how to find all those people and more. Invite and Friends Pinterest is by invitation only, so if you’re friends [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 2

Using Pinterest: Pinning Basics and Terminology In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to start creating your boards, pinning, repining and more. Before you dive right into Pinterest, there are probably a few terms that you need to know, so let’s start with those:   Boards: Think of these as cork or pin [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 1

Getting Started with Pinterest Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site with a twist. It’s all about creating and sharing collections of images that you find around the web or create yourself. They call it themselves a “Virtual Pin Board’ and their members use it to organize recipes, plan home improvement projects, share favorite [...]

Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 4

Posting & Viewing Updates in LinkedIn Now that you’ve made connections, you can post updates to keep people informed of what’s going on in your business. You can also view updates of those you are connected to and post comments to their updates. Here’s how… Step 1: Post Updates When you visit the LinkedIn home [...]

Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 3

Sending Updates/Tweets to and from Twitter and LinkedIn When submitting updates to LinkedIn, you can also send these updates. In addition, you can send your tweets to your LinkedIn account as updates. Please note, that in order for this to work, your Twitter account must be set to “public”. Step 1: Add Your Twitter Account [...]

Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 2

Find Connections & Accept Connection Request on LinkedIn In order to make LinkedIn work for your business, you need to regularly make new connections. This is simple to do and only takes a little bit of time each week. Step 1: Add Connections From your dashboard, mouse over Contacts and select Add Connections. Step 2: [...]

Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 1

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with like-minded people, from past classmates to potential JV partners, the connections are unlimited. The first step to making the connections is to set up your account and profile so others can find you. Let’s start by visiting, to join. Step 1: Account Setup When you visit [...]

Social Bookmarking Benefits With FriendFeed – Part 4

FriendFeed is a social network that aggregates contacts from all your other networks. It can automatically search your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts for other people who have FriendFeed accounts. Unfortunately, after being acquired by Facebook in 2009, FriendFeed has more or less stopped being updated and no longer has its feed aggregating capabilities. [...]

Social Bookmarking Benefits With Digg – Part 3

Digg is a social bookmarking website that relies on users to vote for the best news stories. Unlike Reddit, Digg’s orientation tends to be much more news-based. Users tend to like finding out things that they didn’t know before. All of Digg’s posts link to outside websites, unlike Reddit’s where a good portion comes from [...]

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