12 Tips on Getting More Google +1 Recommendations

Tips on Getting More Google +1 Recommendations  The more Google +1 recommendations you get, the faster you will rise in Google search engine results and the more people will find your online business. So it makes sense to look for ways to get the most recommendations so that you can start making more money sooner. [...]

11 Use Google Chrome Extensions With Google Plus

Use Google Chrome Extensions With Google Plus  Chrome is Google’s popular Internet browser. If you are not already using it, you should. Not only is Chrome easy to use and free, Chrome offers extensions that work in tune with Google Plus and offer seamless synchronization. Take advantage of these extensions by using Google Chrome as [...]

10 Google Plus Realtime Search

Google Plus Realtime Search  Realtime search engine results are important to keep up with breaking news and ongoing business trends. Google derailed its realtime search in July of 2011 when it was unable to come to agreements with Twitter and Facebook. The good news is that Google Plus will bring back realtime search results. The [...]

09 Google Plus Button and Google Plus Statistics

Google Plus Button and Google Plus Statistics  The Google +1 Button and Google Plus Statistics are the easiest, simplest and most powerful ways to promote your website and Google Plus account, and to keep track of how much traffic you are generating. The Google +1 button appears everywhere on the Internet today: next to search [...]

08 Google Sparks

Google Sparks  As a business owner, Google Sparks will do two things for you. First, it will help you find news and websites that are of interest to you and your business associates. Second, it will help people who are interested in what you have to sell find your business. On your profile page, click [...]

07 Google Plus Hangouts

Google Plus Hangouts  Hangouts are similar to a private chat room, but Hangouts are complete with video as well as capacity for everybody included in a Circle. Users who are not already in the Hangout’s Circle may not access Hangouts.   Chat is best for quick, one-on-one real time communication. Hangouts are for groups and [...]

06 Google Plus Real Time Chat

Realtime Chat  Google Plus comes equipped with realtime chat available on your stream page. There is no need to purchase or download additional software, and no need to leave Google. You may chat one-on-one with anybody if they are on Google or if you know their email address.

05 Google Plus Streams

Google Streams of Information  As you can see in the picture below, streams of information are updated in Google +/+1 in similar ways as they are updated on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, on Google Plus you choose which streams of your information other people see by using Circles as described above. You also choose [...]

04 Using Google Plus Circles for Online Business

Circles are the easy way to organize with whom you communicate. For example, you may want to send your employees a message and your customers an update. You can send the two different messages to the two separate parties quickly and easily without ever leaving Google Plus. This is what your Circles page looks like [...]

03 Google Plus Profile for Business

Your profile page is the one place you can go to manage your entire Internet networking and marketing. Google Plus makes it easy to do anything and everything you need to do online right there in Google. It is most convenient and an important time saver for any business owner. Notice which button at the [...]

02 How to Sign Up for a Google Account

How to Sign Up for a Google Account  Google has the easiest, most advanced and most popular way to network with your business associates and clients online. Before you can start enjoying the benefits of Google +/+1, you must sign up for a Google Account. Do this by going to Google Homepage and typing the [...]

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