Stumble Upon Integration – 04

Integrate with Facebook and Twitter StumbleUpon is both a website discovery website as well as a social networking website. One great feature of StumbleUpon is how easy they make it to integrate with Facebook and Twitter. By integrating with Facebook and Twitter, you can easily share the great stuff you find on StumbleUpon through status [...]

Stumble Upon Pages – 03

How to Stumble Pages At the heart of StumbleUpon is the actual process of stumbling and finding new sites. StumbleUpon makes it easy to discover new websites with one click of the button. You can also like or dislike pages or make comments on them. This will help improve your matches in the future, as [...]

Stumble Upon Networking & Friends – 02

Networking and Finding Friends On StumbleUpon, your friends and your network can be a big asset. For example, if you want to get more stumbles to a page of yours, with no network that can be quite tough. But if you have 50 to 100 friends on StumbleUpon, all you need to do is ask [...]

Stumble Upon Set Up – 01

Setting Up Your Account and Profile StumbleUpon sends more traffic to other websites than Facebook, Reddit, Digg and Twitter combined. Since its main purpose is to help people find websites they’re interested in, they can be a huge source of traffic for web marketers, as well as a great source of enjoyment for everyday users. [...]

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