Product Creation Pro

There’s no question, eBook design is an expensive game… You’ll need $699 for Adobe’s Photoshop, so you can design your front cover. Then you’ll need $699 for Adobe’s InDesign, so you can design your inner pages to a professional standard. Or you could go with Apple Pages, assuming you already own a $1,000 MacBook Air. [...]

3 Copy Writing Mistakes

Click Here to See More of What Karon Offers. Paul, Just wanted to thank you for bringing Karon Thackston’s copywriting webinar to your tribe this evening!  To be honest, it had been a long day and I was thinking about waiting for the replay, but once it started the quality of the presentation was clear from the [...]

Learn Camtasia

Top Camtasia video pros Lon Naylor & Michelle Schoen will demonstrate: * How to develop your profitable Camtasia video strategy * How to plan for exceptional bottom-line boosting results * How to record, edit, and produce like a pro * How to avoid costly mistakes and time sucking frustration * And more…

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