Solo Ads for Traffic

A quick overview of markets and possible solo ads. People are spending thousands upon thousands on courses to learn how to get traffic. But they could be getting traffic through targeted ads which save time and a lot of money in the long run. Click Here for the Directory of Ezines Click Here for the [...]

The Affiliate L.I.S.T. Strategy 04

T – Traffic You’ve already learned earlier that you shouldn’t send your traffic to the vendor’s page, as doing so builds the vendor’s list but leaves you with nothing (save for a few commissions here and there). Instead, you want to drive targeted traffic to your landing page so that you can build your own [...]

5 Keys for Getting Word of Mouth Traffic

One of the most powerful, high-converting forms of traffic that you can generate is via word-of-mouth. Think about it for a moment… When you use traditional advertising, you’re basically tooting your own horn. People tend to be a bit on the skeptical side with regards to your products or services. They put their defensive walls [...]

Five Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Five Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog A blog without readers is pretty much useless. If you’ve been blogging for a while and have only been getting a trickle of viewers to your posts, you need to put a traffic building plan into action. Building traffic is just as an important skill to [...]

Press Release Distribution Checklist

Press Release Distribution & Publication Checklist You’ve put together the perfect press release. Now what do you do with it? This handy checklist will help ensure you make the most of your story. Publish the release on your website. Create a “Media” section of your website and ensure you post all your press releases. Make [...]

Press Release Template

<INSERT COMPANY LOGO>   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Person’s Full Name Company Name Mailing Address Phone Number Email Address Precise Website Address / URL for More Information Attention Getting Headline Here – Include a Benefit for the Reader City, Town, Date – Summary that draws the reader in to learn more. Make sure you address [...]

Press Release Instructions

Press Release Instruction A well-formatted press release has 7 main components. These instructions will help you put together a useful press release for the media. #1 – Company Logo Add a little branding and a polished image with a small logo at the top of your press release. #2 – Press Release Validity “For Immediate [...]

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