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One of the first things you should do once you get your Clickbank account is to setup your payment. If your payment details aren’t setup properly, you simply won’t get paid.

Step 1: Signing In

One thing that often confuses first time Clickbank users is their password. Since you didn’t choose a password during your signup, what’s your password?

Your password is your confirmation code. These are usually a combination of letters and numbers like “ZYZMB22K”. Unfortunately, you cannot change your password with Clickbank.

Find your password in your confirmation email and sign in to access the affiliate page.


Step 2: Go to Your Account Settings


Click on Account Settings to access your payment options.

Step 3: Edit Your Account Information

Once you’re in Account Settings, you’ll see several tabs of information to choose from. Click on Edit above the Account Information tab.


The most important thing you change in the Account Information tab is your Tax ID. If you don’t have a Tax ID on file, Clickbank can’t report your income and therefore cannot pay you.

If you’re incorporated, your Tax ID will be your Federal Tax ID or your Employee Identification Number (EIN.) If you’re a sole proprietor, your Tax ID will be your social security number.

Note that Clickbank uses a 256 bit encryption, a very high level of security. This means all your personal data is made unreadable before it’s sent through the internet, so nobody can intercept any personal information that’s sent.

Once you’ve added a Tax ID, make sure your address is correct. Having a wrong address won’t keep them from sending you a check, but if they send you a check and you don’t receive it, it’s a real pain to have them cancel the check and resend it again.

Make sure you have the right address so your check will arrive at the right place. Then, click “Close” to go back to the Account Settings page.

Step 4: Edit Payment Information

Once you’ve got your Account Information setup, the next step is to setup your Payment Information.

Scroll down to find the Payment Information tab and click Edit.


You’ll be presented with a page where you can select your payment threshold and your payment method.


Your payment threshold is how much money you need to have in your account before you get paid. If you’d rather not receive a check until it’s at least $250 for example, then set your payment threshold at $250.

If you’d rather get paid right away, regardless of how much is in your account, then select $10.

Your Payment Method is how you’re going to get paid. The two primary methods are check and direct deposit.

When you’re just starting out, the only option is to receive a physical paycheck. This is important for anti-fraud purposes. Once you’ve cashed two paper paychecks, Clickbank will enable the direct deposit option on your account.

At that time, simply come back to this page and change your Payment Method to Direct Deposit to have the money transferred straight into your account without needing to cash a check.

Step 5: Fulfilling the Customer Distribution Requirements

Once you’ve got your payment information setup, you’ll need to make a fair number of sales before you can actually start getting paid.

In order to receive your first check from Clickbank, you need to:

  • Have five orders from different credit cards (not including Clickbank) and
  • Have made sales with 3 different payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Again, this is also part of Clickbank’s anti-fraud policies.

Unfortunately, this can make it a little more difficult for first time affiliates to get their first check.

Fortunately however, you only have to go through this once. Once your account has passed these two requirements, you can receive your check no matter how many people buy as long as your account balance is above your Payment Threshold.

That’s it! If you’ve setup your Account Information, Tax ID, Payment Threshold and Payment Method properly, then once you fulfill the Customer Distribution Requirements you’ll soon after receive your first paycheck.

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