Nicheology Profit Letter
By Paul Evans

In the last week I’ve gotten dozens of questions
about using WordPress.

Here’s a course that will help…

It covers everything from SEO to XML. :)


“Why haven’t you finished that product yet?” I ask.

Here are the usual answers…

“I’m not productive.”

“I have no focus.”

“It just not perfect yet.”

“I’m missing just a couple of pieces and then I’ll be ready.”

Those statements are surface level. They are not the real problem.
Almost every business issue I’ve come across as it relates to
product develop is connected to one root cause…



The block is not education. It’s not time. It’s not vision. It’s

Most people never launch a product because they simply do not think
it’s good enough. And 9.5 times out of 10 that relates to the
individual, not the information in the resource.

Of course, people do not like to admit that. They want to point the
finger at process. They want “blame” the environment rather than
the individual. But we’re often more concerned about what people
think about US than the product.

It’s not that a person thinks the product isn’t good enough, the
problem is that deep down they don’t think they are good enough.

Almost every excuse for failing to finish taps into esteem and

Multi-million dollar consultant Alan Weiss confirms, “The huge
issue is lack of self-esteem. It may not always be preventable, but
it is certainly correctable. Recent studies of self-esteem support
what I’ve learned and believed for over 20 years: Positive
self-esteem is not a causal factor, it’s a result.”

I put together to help people
gain and live with confidence.

The reason I get so much done, create products fast and experience
a great amount of success in life is related to confidence. I do
not move forward weakly or softly.

My friends would agree!


-gives you strength.
-lets you share strong opinions without being obnoxious.
-protects your mind from criticism.
-allows you to stand alone on strong principles when all around you
-helps you judge the BEST route even if everyone else is conforming
and following the crowd.
-creates clarity of action and helps you focus. It eliminates
waffling and wondering.

The real secret to online success is YOU!

The better you become the better your business becomes.

Insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence will prevent
your business from moving forward. Doubt kills your direction.

Be strong. Be confident. Move forward with certainty.

People do not follow insecure leaders.

Success is NOT an Accident!

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