Domains and Hosting Lesson 4

Getting A Domain Name, A Web Hosting Service, And Other Preliminary Concerns

Never underestimate the value of a good domain name.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

Suppose you’re a wrestling fan… your natural inclination is to type the address on your browser’s address bar, right?

You won’t want to go through the search engines for something as simple as that. Suppose you bought a Sony Wega TV… your natural inclination, whenever you’re in need of technical support, is to visit or . Again, you wouldn’t find the need to consult the search engines for something so obvious.

You need a domain name. Free ones which adjoin the service’s brand to your desired domain name just don’t cut it. Having the URL may have worked way back in 1997, but nowadays your website will just be considered amateurish if you decide to take this route.

Additionally, having a .com extension should also be your first choice. A .com extension is the most familiar type that people are used to entering. Also, a .com extension gives your website an instant boost in credibility.

There are 5 important points to consider in choosing your domain name. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Your domain name should include your primary keywords.

If “cheap computers” will be your primary key phrase, for example, your domain name should be something like or . This would give your website a slight boost when it comes to its page rank, with Google at least.

2. Your domain name should not, as much as possible, contain any numbers.

One of the benefits of having a good domain is URL recall. Your visitors will have a harder time remembering your domain name if it contains number that are not part of your brand.

3. Your domain name should not contain abbreviations of your keywords.

The goal is to have a recognizably relevant domain name and abbreviations would defeat this purpose.

4. Your domain name should be as short as your keyword will allow.

If the URL is available, which is doubtful, then grab it fast!

5. Your domain name should be relevant to the subject of your website…. DUH!

If your website is about a review of cheap computers for sale online, then is a better domain name than, say,

Registering a domain name is easy. Simply go to…


Domain names are subject to availability. You will never be able to register domain names that have already been taken by other people.

But here’s a big secret.

Be on the lookout for abandoned domain names. These are domain names that have expired and have not been renewed. Why are these abandoned domain names potentially important? Well, they may have existing links throughout the net, in which case, your website’s link popularity can experience a boost even before its domain name is registered, or re-registered in this case.

Now, you also need to enroll for a web hosting service.

A web host is where your website, as well as necessary files, will be stored. Basically, every time an Internet user types in your URL or clicks on a link of yours, his computer will request the download of your website from the web host, and thereafter, your website will be displayed on his screen.

There are three important things to consider when it comes to choosing a web hosting service. These are:

1. Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from the server to the user. You will need a bandwidth limit of at least 5GB per month to ensure that your visitors will have an easy time in accessing your website.

2. Storage limit. Storage limit refers to the maximum file size you can upload onto the server. This isn’t really as important as bandwidth. A storage limit of 1GB will be enough for most purposes.

3. Number of domains allowed. Some servers only allow one domain per account. Others allow 5. A few allow an unlimited number of domains. For the purpose of earning from niche sites (referring to a single niche,) you would want unlimited.

Server fees differ from one web host to another. Others charge as low as $3 per month. Others offer a one-time fee of $50. Don’t make the price the primary consideration.

Also, we have to discuss this as early as today. In the coming days, we will have to build a website. You will have to upload this website to the server of your choice.  To avoid any potential problems, try to choose a web host that has a built-in website builder. This online tool will make things easier for you when you have to upload your files.

Here’s who we recommend.

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