Driving Your Target Market To Your Webinar

Driving Your Target Market To Your Webinar

When you have put a lot of effort into planning a virtual event you want to make sure that people show up, but you don’t just want anyone at your virtual event, you want your target audience to show up at your virtual event. Marketing your virtual event with the results in mind will go far in ensuring that the right participants show up. You can do this by making sure every aspect of your promotion considers that target market.

Team Members — Likely you’ll have a team in mind to work with whether they are JV partners, or whether they are contractors, it takes a team to pull off an awesomely effective virtual event. Team members should all be on the same page at every step of the event from start up through to follow up.

Have regular meetings regarding planning, marketing, and conducting the event. Everyone should have the same message to the same audience but to their own special niche and with their own unique spin.

All team members should market the event with similar materials to various niches of the same target market. Keeping a unified marketing message will result in the right audience showing up to your event.

Speakers — Your speakers should have experience within your industry, or present a unique perspective to your target audience, as well as offer something useful to them. Ideally. they will put forward related and complementary services and not be direct competitors to you.

For instance, if you are a Life Coach that offers coaching to women transitioning to working from home, it is likely you will not want to invite other Life Coaches that offer the same exact service. Rather, you invite speakers who offer another kind of service to your client base, such as a speaker who offers tools and or services to help your client accomplish the goals developed in coaching.

Every speaker should market the event to their own audience using the information you designed for them to promote the event. Naturally, they will put their unique spin on the marketing material but using quality, cohesive marketing messages will ensure that your target market that resides within their market, comes to the event. Make this part of your contract with the speaker. In return, you will promote that they will be speaking and this will give them traffic to their own site and information.

Sponsors — The people who sponsor your event, should offer related and complementary tools and services to your niche. They should again, not be direct competitors, but they should still be of interest to your target audience. The sponsors’ advertising and information should flow well with your event’s color scheme, logo and message and not compete with you directly.

Sponsorships should also be limited. If you offer too many spots, your advertising and conference room will be cluttered. Also, if you have too many the sponsor might not get anything out of it, and won’t want to sponsor your event again. You want to keep sponsorships limited so that enough of your participants purchase from your sponsor to make it worthwhile to your sponsor later. Sponsors should be proud to have been chosen to be a sponsor of your event enough that they will announce it to their lists. This can be part of your sponsorship agreement, again they should use your thought out advertising message along with their own unique spin.


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