No Excuses

by Carrie Wilkerson

Maybe a few thoughts to encourage you:

** My website is down. It has been for a week and hostgator is being a ‘challenge’ on a few issues while they work with me on it

** I’m between mentoring/coaching programs and don’t want to create a huge new ‘thing’ right now…

** I want to be mostly ‘off’ for the summer – so I wanted to create a good cash stash…not small product $$

** I didn’t want to burn my list on a high price $

So… I COULD say ‘no website, no list, no product, boohoo’ — OR I could create an offer for my time…

I created a simple video (using my flip camera); put it on a sales page, attached it to JUST paypal (no merchant account) and sent an offer of a VIP day to JUST 15 people.

I converted one within a few hours and that is from the list of 15. I will email them again today and let them know I’m emailing a larger list tonight, so if they want one of the preferred dates, today is the day.

No official sales copy. No autoresponder (I emailed from gmail). Nothing over-thought or analyzed :)

Just wanted to encourage you!!

You can FIND a way and MAKE a way!!

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