Exit Discounting

Here’s yet another unethical practice among “marketers.”

Exit discounting.

You’re at a site and you’re thinking about buying. Maybe later. So you click the back or enter a new address or attempt to close your browser.

You’re met with a message…

(In this case the product owner is a bad spella!) He/She meant $10 discount!

So you click “Stay on Page” and you get this message…

Bam! $10 discount! Whew! You would have paid $37 on the previous page. Now it’s just $27! How could you refuse?

But you do.

So you try to escape the site again…

O, man!!! Now there’s a full $20 discount. Instead of paying $37 like some “suckas” did, you can get a deal.

Now you only pay $17!

Several things are WRONG with this…

1. It’s just not right to use exit discounts when some people are paying full price – and they don’t realize a $20 savings is just a couple of clicks away.

2. Even if you could convince yourself that it’s ok, TWO drops in price?

3. The Value Threshold is being tested. In other words – these folks don;t care about you using the product. I mean they’ve devalued it by $20 in a few seconds. They’re just trying to find the point at which you’re money is not as valuable. $37 too much? How about $27? Still thinks that’s a lot? Ok, Ok, how about $17?

You see these tricksters are just trying to get your money.

If you sell a legitimate product, you do not have to trick people into buying. Obviously the folks I grabbed these screenshots from do not have a legit product.

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